A View Of The Interior

Hello guys! Sorry I haven’t written in a while. This post was inspired by the Holy Spirit. He told me someone needs to read this! Help Share. Thanks.

I was afraid to show you who I was
I hid and pushed you farther away
Not because I didn’t like you
No no no!
It was the other way around – I was afraid you won’t like ME

I felt so dirty and unbeautiful
To ME it was better you didn’t know the true ME than to see ME for who I was and say those words…
Those words would have tarnished ME

Yes! I was afraid of those words
“Why can’t ME be like them?” And blah blah blah
Comparing ME with others is what you would have done – I am sure of it!

My hands were covering ME
I held those hands tightly so you couldn’t breakthrough
We laughed and played but yet I didn’t show you ME
YOU noticed something was wrong
When I saw that I cracked a joke and made YOU forget

While I was tightly closing my hands to protect ME,
Jesus came and touched those hands
and they parted easily with no struggle coming from ME

He has seen ME
I broke down in tears
What was He going to say???
He was looking at me and had on the most amazing smile ever!
Like He just found a treasure

I said it couldn’t have been ME He was looking at
I looked back hoping to see BEAUTY but she wasn’t there
I pointed to ME and said “Can you see ME?”

He smiled the more and said ME is BEAUTY
He said and I will never forget “Let me take ME and make ME more BEAUTIFUL”
He did just that…

I ran back to show YOU ME before I could say anything YOU said ME is BEAUTY!
“How did you know?” I asked smiling.

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If I Could Change The World

If I Could Change The World….by Mr Blessed.

Mental slavery: Plaguing many a 21st century being. I would love to help people have a re-think, believe they can be better and that they are capable of doing great things #exploits. Mind you I am by no means a life coach neither am I a motivational speaker but an ordinary fellow infected with Jesus.

The God factor: Often debated I aint gonna argue, just simply wanna let them folks know that all things have their source in Him, I mean the Almighty.

Me: I would change me first then I will extend it. ‘Remember you can only give what you have’ this I will do. #Saynotoexploitation #sharetheloveJesusgave

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