‘If I Could Change The World I Would…’

Darola’s Post got me thinking.

…and Madonna sings, “NOTHING really matters, LOVE is ALL we NEED, EVERYTHING I give YOU, all comes back to ME”…Powerful words I’d say…
See those words in caps? They shouldn’t be taken lightly. God is Love, if I could change the world, I would put God in all our hearts because God is Love and that is all we need, not want, but need.

If I could change the world I’d SIMPLY revert it back to how God intended it. See man fell in the garden of eden and he has been falling ever since. From cain, to the tower of babel, fast forward to the two world wars and the present crisis all over the world. Are we getting better? Really are we? Your phone is the latest, the best available but are YOU getting better?

God made us to love and to protect but we keep destroying this beautiful world He gave us. Oil spillage that’s left uncleaned, chemical weapons are used on humans and precious animals are hunted into extinction. How can we say variety is the spice of life when we kill everything in sight? We kill endangered animals, destroy the ozone layer, level forests, poison our waters and the likes.

If I could change the world I would make sure every human knows that each human life is invaluable and should be taken care of and that nothing in this world is more important than a human being. I would make sure men lead their families at home and to church and made time to groom their kids. I would make sure kids have both parents and are properly taken care of. I would make us all realise that there is nothing that can be compared to touching a human life, nothing.

I would make sure ignorance is a crime. I mean why would Nigerians for example fight over the proceeds of crude oil when we have fallen behind in other areas we have been blessed with? Is it in agriculture? Energy? Mental ability? Mineral resources? Tourist attraction? Entrepreneurship? You just name it. The knowledgeable ones have decided to monopolise it and to keep us ignorant thereby causing death and minimal progress.

If I could change the world, I would make sure we realise that each time we deviate from God’s plan for humanity, we find a ”solution” that pushes us further away from the plan and indeed what we deem as progress is in actual fact a retardation. God had a plan of peace, of love, of freedom, of ease, of life!

I can’t change the world but I’d do my best. Through my personal out look I’d do my best. By blogging about what I feel we need and might not want, I’d do my best. By trying to live a life of example, I’d do my best. By praying this brief and undetailed post is enough to get you to act, I’d do my best.

But why should I take the glory alone? I’d rather share it with you. Why don’t we change the world together?

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