If I Could Change The World I Would…

Talented Writer Abimbola Oladapo shares her mind.

If I could change the world, I would change the mentality of the people of the world. I would re-structure the basic values system. I would.. I would… *sigh* A thousand and one things summed up in one, if I had only one chance, I would show to the world the right Road, the Reality, and the one Life-way- the Christ.

Funny, just like you, I’m only given that ONE CHANCE! One chance to “change” the world.. One chance to show the world the Road to follow.. Howbeit?!- My choices!!
I can CHOOSE to wear a constant attitude of love and kindness to all and sundry, whether or not they are nice or un-nice.
I can CHOOSE to make sure the few and un-few words that come out of my mouth bring life to the hearer(s).
I can CHOOSE to lend a helping hand to that old lady I met at the bus-stop- the one who almost tripped over.
I can CHOOSE to eat my gala and keep the wrapper until I get to the nearest trash can where I can discard it..instead of littering the floor like everyone else.
I can CHOOSE to…
I can CHOOSE to…

I can always CHOOSE to…! MY Choices are the ONLY determining factor.
YES!! I can show the world the Christ. I can give the world the Christ.. Only by my little actions, my words, my deeds.. and starting with my immediate environment- my dance group, my faculty classroom, my face-me-i-face-you room…
This is my reminder: If I can’t change my private world, I cannot change the public world..

WE got only ONE CHANCE (if WE could change the world…) .. I wouldn’t blow my one chance. Would you blow your’s?

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