‘If I Could Change The World I Would….’


If I could change the world,

I would paint colours on turmoil

With a hope that it springs a rainbow

No storm, just the clear bright heavens.

But I can’t.

I can’t change the world but myself.

I have no power to change the world.

I do hope for the world to change; I hope for a transformation.

I pray that the immorality of this world will be dusked

The lust of the flesh will be tossed out

The corruption of the soul will be chucked out

And the murderous eyes plucked.

But it’s a prayer.

I say a prayer for the world and not myself.

I have the power to change my whole.

I need for my whole to change; I need a transformation.

Yet my heart yearns to hear the joy in laughter.

My ears tingle to feel the strums of love.

My eyes glitter to dissolve the food of loyalty.

My malnourished soul craves to feed with the treasure of light.

I look around and see the world to blame.

My heart I set to anger aflame.

Curses upon curses on the deceptive world based on fame.

In these times, it is seen that death, love and lust are same.

Oh yes, I do wish I could change the world

But change it to what exactly?

A replication of me should do just fine?

But I’m yet to be changed; to be blameless.

Then will my heart leap for the joy in laughter.

My eardrums will play the tunes of love.

My eyes will throw up loyalty.

My nourished soul will be lightened.

I can’t cause the change unless I myself change.

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