‘If I Could Change The World I Would…’

Hello guys! I asked a few
friends to share what they would do if they could change the world. The next series of posts are not mine.


Taking a long look at the world of today, one can see that the entire world is in a state of moral jeopardy and decadence. The moral structures erected by our forefathers are in a state of dilapidation, doused with corruption. No one is left out, from the day old infants to the near death aged folks. This makes me wonder what would be of the coming generation. If it were in my capacity to change the world, so that the coming generation would meet a near perfect world for them to live in, I would.

Firstly, I would make sure that children and teenagers do not have free access to the internet; as it is the doorway to all sorts of unnecessary exposures. There would be measures to regulate the use of the internet amongst teenagers. Next, I would flush out the existing government and replace with sensitive, young and passionate people. Nearly dead people would not be eligible for being in government. I would put Christians at the helm of affairs; by Christians I mean spirit filled and led folks, not nominal Christians now; then there would be no case of persistent power failure, strikes of all sorts, and all the presently existing anomalies. I would make sure that the dreams of young people are financed by the government thereby encouraging the concept of entrepreneurship. I would put a ban on the importation of inferior goods and would promote the exportation of home grown and made products. I would fix the death holes that we have as roads, and free healthcare would be made available to all bona fide citizens of countries by the government. Education would not be neglected and taken for granted as it would be at the top of annual budgets. Abortion would be made a criminal offence and would be equated with murder. Rape would be punishable by castration and amputation. Wife battery would be punishable by amputation also.

I know it’s not possible to change the world on a large-scale and at once, but I am beginning in my own little sphere, my own world , and my influence will spread to the larger world.

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1 thought on “‘If I Could Change The World I Would…’

  1. Sounds like a dream world, utopia etc. It’s all fair and good, but in my opinion, not practical at all. The internet is simply a tool used by both the young & old. Whether it’s a doorway to ‘unnecessary exposures’ or how it’s used depends on the individual using it, not on his/her age. Replacing the government with young, passionate people is nice, afterall ‘a new broom sweeps clean’ but there can be no substitute for experience. It’s a good plan to change the world, admittedly but the simplistic nature of your outline for that, makes it sound like mere wishes

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