I was searching through my locker in school for what to wear to class. It’s not like I had many choices because I go home on weekends to bring the exact number of clothes for the week. I found this black top that I liked very much. I put it on quickly packing my books into my bag at the same time. You might wonder how can anyone do both? Well, you will find out when you are already late for a class and the lecturer must not get to the class before you.

As I approached the Faculty of Social Sciences, I met Fisayo a very good friend of mine who also wore black. I teased him saying the spirit is one. He merely smiled then he dropped a heart breaking news – Ayo was dead! My first reaction was which Ayo? He then told me it was Ayo Akinmade. God will have to forgive me because when he told me Ayo was dead my mind went straight to another Ayo in my class. Not that I wish ill of anyone but his name did not pop up because he was really quiet and people didn’t really know him.

I still hadn’t processed the news. I was in total shock. Ok, at this point you really need to know the kind of person that I am. I should have been the last person in class to mourn or feel sober that he died because am usually dashing in and out of class and am not really friendly, am quiet and I prefer to sit still. Besides this was a guy, am usually careful with boys, I don’t get close to them. This is not to say that I don’t have boys as my friends, I do actually but they are very few. One boy in my class actually complained that it’s only girls that I talked to in the class. Oh well that’s just me!

Ayo is quiet and I’m quiet as well, so what could possibly have brought two quiet people together? The answer is Social Media! Facebook that is. I received a friend request from this guy Ayo Akinmade. I remembered him straight off because he caught my attention as we were going to write our statistics paper someday in year one second semester, he looked extremely fresh. His shirt was well starched and ironed compared to all those UME boys who have the reputation of being razz and all (Father Forgive me please!). We didn’t start to chat immediately. Until during the holidays when he said hi and that he saw me in redemption camp and that he wanted to call me but he refrained because he thought I would snob him. From then on we got really close, he made me laugh, told me everything or so I thought. We exchanged numbers. Our relationship deepened. We exchanged at least 10 text messages a day and this is not to exaggerate. Etisalat was very good to us because of the free text messages and bonuses. Then I told him that when school resumes I wouldn’t be talking with him like this.

All this while I was a Christian but my walk with God wasn’t solid. I got closer to God and I deepened my commitment as the semester began. I invited Ayo a few times to join the fellowship. He came but he wasn’t regular. Funny enough Ayo was a Pastor’s child but he was not really freaked the way I was about Christ. Our relationship waned gradually. I was more consumed with my walk with God. The last time I had a chat with him I was on my way back from fellowship, I was too tired and was very much in a hurry. I asked him why he wasn’t coming any longer. He said he didn’t know the venue. I saw that something was wrong with him. I asked him about a paper he had missed because there was a lack of circulation of information. He said he still had some problems with it and how he has to carry it over. I told him that I would pray for him. I didn’t! Actually I forgot.

My last conversation with him played in my memory as Fisayo told me he was dead. I wasn’t myself for the next one week. I couldn’t believe he was dead and I still can’t. The prayer meetings I handled were about how we should bless God because we are alive and those who are dead do not worry about whether they have a good grade or whether they have a carryover or not. All that mattered is your relationship with Jesus. Everyone in my class seemed sober, that lasted for about two weeks. We decided to have a candle light in memory of him. We contributed money and those boys spent a large chunk of it on booze. What the hell? Did they think it was funny? I even thought it was going to bring them to their senses and draw them closer to God but no it was just normal to them.

We visited his family. They warned us not to cry. But I couldn’t control myself. He was their first child and their only son. My heart went out to his mother. Ayo complained of slight headache and he was rushed to the hospital. It was then they discovered marks on his body and the Holy Spirit spoke to his father to ask if there was anything he wanted to confess. He said there was nothing. Soon afterwards he gave up the ghost.

Ayo’s mother still believes he was being forced to join a cult, which I believe also because of the notorious hall he stayed in and also because he was tall and very quiet on the outside. As a mother she advised us on living a godly life. She said she was looking through his things and she found out what he had written concerning his life, how he planned on going for masters abroad and all. It was just too much for me the tears came rushing again. She pleaded with us to bring forward any information that can help them to get to the root of their son’s death.

It would be one year in about a month’s time since Ayo was taken away from us. I wish he had told me I would have done an all night prayer for him. Would I have? Yes I would!!!!

I still think about him sometimes.

This is not a tribute.

I’m glad I finally put this to writing. I have been meaning to.