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And the voice of the Lord came to DAMI in the middle of the Barcelona-ManCity match and said “can a man touch a Live wire and remain the same?” and I answered saying “thou knowest

One hot Harmattan afternoon during a fast as I was flipping through the believer’s dictionary I found out that one word was conspicuously missing. At first I considered it to be an error from the editors of the book but I later found a footnote etched in blood:

“The word Impossible is blotted out of the dictionary of the believer. He walks with God and as such impossible is nothing. The believer has impossibilities and uncertainties for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He is wall-to-wall Holy Ghost. His intestines are lined with adamantium, able to resist the corrosive nature of all earthly difficulty. His face is set as flint!”


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Deeper Than You Think
By Adebola Ajayi

Written by an author with extensive biblical knowledge, Deeper Than You Think is geared to show its readers the importance of delving into God’s word to acquire sound doctrine for their lives.

Including everything from a comprehensive and concise overview of all 66 books of the bible to the practical how-to of study, the author provides essential insights into the bible.

This maiden edition is set to answer questions on the mind of its readers such as:
What exactly is the Old Testament?
How do the writings of the prophets fit into the time of the kings?
What happens between the Testaments?

In his highly informative style, Adebola Ajayi sparks off a desire and excitement in the heart of his readers towards the study of God’s written message.

It is a fantastic resource for seasoned students of the bible, young and growing believers and anyone planning to get serious about bible study!

Contact: 08171988279, 08063916512

Email: ajayishaven@gmail.com; mojiogunlola@gmail.com.

Price: N1500
ISBN: 978-978-902-538-1

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Hey guys! Its been way too long. I know and I apologize. I had an interview with someone really amazing and I thought it nice to share our conversation. Read, Enjoy and Share.

Q: Tell me a little bit about yourself.

A: My name is Adebola Ajayi, or PD, as I am fondly called. Currently, I’m in my final year in the University of Lagos studying Economics. Born into a family of five, parents inclusive, I am 22 years old and currently not married (laughter), well not yet anyway. Hmm, what else can I say? Well, I’m a speaker by nature and by job description. I enjoy the company of my bible, prayer, a good book and an intelligent conversation.

Q: I hear you have written a book. Tell me about it.

A: YES, I have. The title is DeeperThanYouThink; AGuideToStudyingTheBible. It is designed to do three major things. First of all; it is designed to help you become familiar with the bible as a whole. Having been a pastor for a few years, I have come to realise that a major challenge people have with studying God’s word is a lack of familiarity with it. This makes it seem complicated, thus discouraging them from venturing into the depths of it, especially the writings of the prophets which I jokingly call the ‘sacred volumes’ because of the way people erroneously treat them. So this book helps you overcome such discouragement. Secondly, it is designed to give you an in-depth knowledge of certain portions of the bible. This it does by providing you with a summary of each book of the bible, among other insights. And thirdly, the book is designed to give you a detailed approach to building a substantial bible-study life, complete with the relevant tools to use in that pursuit.

Q: What propelled you to
become a writer?

A: Well, I have always been an
avid reader, even as a child. God bless my mother for she took the time to cultivate the reading culture in me. She used to call me a voracious reader from a very young age due to the volume of materials I couldread through in a short period of time. So the seeds of writing were planted in me. Before this book, I had written one or two things; write ups for bulletins, magazines and things like that. For this particular book, I believe two things propelled me. Firstly, I was led by God’s Holy Spirit and the need I saw all around me – and and beyond – for this topic. Secondly, the focus of my ministry is to get people back to the word by creating an interest in them to get into it. I have had people ask me over and again how to study the bible. So that also spurred me on to get this book out. After receiving the instruction in my spirit, I felt such a compulsion within me to get it done quickly, like one working against a stopwatch.

Q: What kind of books do you read?

A: Well genres like fiction, especially suspense, attracted me over the years, but now I spend my time reading majorly Christian books, especially books that teach me more about the bible and how to walk successfully as a Christian. I also read business books and biographies.

Q: What is the first book you ever liked and why did you like it?

A: The first book I vividly remember reading (there might have been a few before) which struck an everlasting chord in me was TheLeftBehindSeriesForKids. For the first time, I felt like I had come across a book I could relate towhich taught me about the end times and the bible in such an exciting manner. It was really an exciting read for me.

Q: Growing up, which book made the most impact on you and why?

A: Growing up, this book I just mentioned, The Left Behind Series, had a great impact on me for the reasons I mentioned. Also, books by the author John Grisham had their own impact. His style of imputing knowledge about the law into exciting and enigmatic story lines was captivating. For the first time, I learnt about a subject like that in a comfortable, captivating and exciting manner.

Q: Is there a book you wish you had written and why?

A: Hmm, I wish I had actually written a book which I call Operations Of The Spirit first. It has been burning and brewing in my mind for a while now, because after years of interacting with Christians, I have sensed a void in this area; the practical knowledge of operating the Spirit and getting results therein. If we are going to maximise our God-given roles and destinies on this earth, we will need adequate knowledge of this topic. So watch out for that one, it’s my next book and it’s coming soon.

Q: What makes you different?

A: Simple. Discovering my unique role in God’s agenda for the universe and walking in it.

Q: If you were stuck in a desert, which 3 books would you want to have with you?

A: Ah! Stuck in a desert ke? God forbid! (laughter) Just joking. Well I would definitely want my bible, a book on how to study my bible and a novel I can read over and again.

Q: If you could change the world, what would you start with?

A: Well, I will give the traditional answer because it is true; I would start with myself. This is truly the first place to start; building and developing myself till I get to a place where I can make a huge difference. As I like to say, a man who has been touched by God can indeed touch and change the world.

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A View Of The Interior

Hello guys! Sorry I haven’t written in a while. This post was inspired by the Holy Spirit. He told me someone needs to read this! Help Share. Thanks.

I was afraid to show you who I was
I hid and pushed you farther away
Not because I didn’t like you
No no no!
It was the other way around – I was afraid you won’t like ME

I felt so dirty and unbeautiful
To ME it was better you didn’t know the true ME than to see ME for who I was and say those words…
Those words would have tarnished ME

Yes! I was afraid of those words
“Why can’t ME be like them?” And blah blah blah
Comparing ME with others is what you would have done – I am sure of it!

My hands were covering ME
I held those hands tightly so you couldn’t breakthrough
We laughed and played but yet I didn’t show you ME
YOU noticed something was wrong
When I saw that I cracked a joke and made YOU forget

While I was tightly closing my hands to protect ME,
Jesus came and touched those hands
and they parted easily with no struggle coming from ME

He has seen ME
I broke down in tears
What was He going to say???
He was looking at me and had on the most amazing smile ever!
Like He just found a treasure

I said it couldn’t have been ME He was looking at
I looked back hoping to see BEAUTY but she wasn’t there
I pointed to ME and said “Can you see ME?”

He smiled the more and said ME is BEAUTY
He said and I will never forget “Let me take ME and make ME more BEAUTIFUL”
He did just that…

I ran back to show YOU ME before I could say anything YOU said ME is BEAUTY!
“How did you know?” I asked smiling.

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If I Could Change The World

If I Could Change The World….by Mr Blessed.

Mental slavery: Plaguing many a 21st century being. I would love to help people have a re-think, believe they can be better and that they are capable of doing great things #exploits. Mind you I am by no means a life coach neither am I a motivational speaker but an ordinary fellow infected with Jesus.

The God factor: Often debated I aint gonna argue, just simply wanna let them folks know that all things have their source in Him, I mean the Almighty.

Me: I would change me first then I will extend it. ‘Remember you can only give what you have’ this I will do. #Saynotoexploitation #sharetheloveJesusgave

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‘If I Could Change The World I Would…’

Darola’s Post got me thinking.

…and Madonna sings, “NOTHING really matters, LOVE is ALL we NEED, EVERYTHING I give YOU, all comes back to ME”…Powerful words I’d say…
See those words in caps? They shouldn’t be taken lightly. God is Love, if I could change the world, I would put God in all our hearts because God is Love and that is all we need, not want, but need.

If I could change the world I’d SIMPLY revert it back to how God intended it. See man fell in the garden of eden and he has been falling ever since. From cain, to the tower of babel, fast forward to the two world wars and the present crisis all over the world. Are we getting better? Really are we? Your phone is the latest, the best available but are YOU getting better?

God made us to love and to protect but we keep destroying this beautiful world He gave us. Oil spillage that’s left uncleaned, chemical weapons are used on humans and precious animals are hunted into extinction. How can we say variety is the spice of life when we kill everything in sight? We kill endangered animals, destroy the ozone layer, level forests, poison our waters and the likes.

If I could change the world I would make sure every human knows that each human life is invaluable and should be taken care of and that nothing in this world is more important than a human being. I would make sure men lead their families at home and to church and made time to groom their kids. I would make sure kids have both parents and are properly taken care of. I would make us all realise that there is nothing that can be compared to touching a human life, nothing.

I would make sure ignorance is a crime. I mean why would Nigerians for example fight over the proceeds of crude oil when we have fallen behind in other areas we have been blessed with? Is it in agriculture? Energy? Mental ability? Mineral resources? Tourist attraction? Entrepreneurship? You just name it. The knowledgeable ones have decided to monopolise it and to keep us ignorant thereby causing death and minimal progress.

If I could change the world, I would make sure we realise that each time we deviate from God’s plan for humanity, we find a ”solution” that pushes us further away from the plan and indeed what we deem as progress is in actual fact a retardation. God had a plan of peace, of love, of freedom, of ease, of life!

I can’t change the world but I’d do my best. Through my personal out look I’d do my best. By blogging about what I feel we need and might not want, I’d do my best. By trying to live a life of example, I’d do my best. By praying this brief and undetailed post is enough to get you to act, I’d do my best.

But why should I take the glory alone? I’d rather share it with you. Why don’t we change the world together?

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‘If I Could Change The World I Would…’

The first guy post by Blarrqwyat.

If I could change the world,
I’d start on my knees,
Saying a prayer for the leaders,
For those on the seat of power.

If I could change the world,
Stopping its descent into the darkness,
I’d shine my brightest light,
And teach the word that brings sight

If I could change the world,
I would paint the streets with love,and
Plant smiles on every face,
Sending cheery sun-beams to the darkest place.

If I could change the world,
Every frown would be upturned,
With a snap of my fingers
Happy thoughts would dispel tumultuous clouds

If I could change the world,
I would start with my front door
Be a little more cheerful,
Singing a little louder in the bathroom.

If I could change the world,
I’d walk with a spring and dance nimbly,
Sharing a funny story in traffic, making total strangers fall in love with me.

If I could change the world,
I’d hug more and smile with a mischievous grin,
I’d live life knowing its not about me,
But really all about Him.

If I could change the world,
I would!
I can change the world …
Watch me do!

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